Advanced solutions for the worldwide optical industry

Optical technology and innovation are at the heart of Eyoto. We tackle the problems facing the worldwide optical industry, delivering solutions for increased profitability, wider access, lower costs, and improved customer satisfaction for optical laboratories and eye care practitioners.

Since our launch in 2013, as a spinout from Aston University, a global centre of excellence for optical and ophthalmology research, we have grown dramatically from developer to equipment manufacturer to full technology solutions provider.

We specialise in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, semi-automation, and ophthalmic user interface design. Eyoto is changing the way eye care is delivered around the world.


Eyoto is certified to ISO 13485:2016 and ISO 60601-1 for medical devices.

Driven by market needs, and with a current focus on 2 key spaces: lens inspection platforms with lab management analytics and tele-optometry with remote eye care platforms, we have developed a range of creative hardware and software innovations, low cost/high-performance optics, and mobile processing power. 

Cloud-connected, expert support systems utilise our patented suite of compact, modular instruments, and next-generation optometric instruments create new possibilities for analysis and diagnosis across the world.

Our Vision

To change the way eye care is delivered around the world
To see things differently, and through the eyes of others
To look to the future with bold ambition

Innovation that will define a market  

We are a business whose history was built on looking to the future; to capture opportunities in an industry we believe needs to be bolder and more innovative; to redefine the marketplace based on the different needs of customers and business around the world.


Listen to our CEO Paul Clapton explain our products and services at MIDO 2022: