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EYOTO™ exists to innovate - creating new technology solutions for the worldwide Optical Industry.


EYOTO™ originated as a spinout from Aston University’s School of Optometry - one of the leading and best-known Optometry programs in the world. The company seeks to tackle problems facing the optical industry through advanced technology, with a specialty in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and ophthalmic user interface design.

Driven by market needs, EYOTO™ are now developing a range of hardware and software products that specifically incorporate recent advances in Artificial Intelligence, low cost/high-performance optics, and mobile processing power. Since our launch in 2013, we have grown dramatically from developer to equipment manufacturer to full technology solutions provider.

"All aspects of the optical market - design, retail, manufacturing, and logistics - are undergoing massive change, and there is a strong and growing demand for tools to support and capitalize on that change. Our products take a unique and fresh approach to the field of optometric instrumentation, and the EYOTO™ brand is underpinned by that freshness." 
CEO Carl D. Francis

Our Vision

  • To change the way eye care is delivered around the world
  • To see things differently, and through the eyes of others
  • To look to the future with bold ambition


Innovation that will define a market  

We are a business whose history was built on looking to the future; to capture opportunities in an industry we believe needs to be bolder and more innovative; to redefine the marketplace based on the different needs of customers and business around the world.

EYOTO™ - Revolutionising the eye care industry through increased profitability, wider access, lower costs and greater user experiences

Today we’re changing the way eye care is delivered around the world through the use of our proprietary cloud-connected, AI-driven,  expert support systems utilizing our patented suite of compact, modular instruments.  Taking advantage of recent step change innovations in optical lens, camera and processing technologies, EYOTO™ combines these with a unique approach to AI using Bayesian Inference. 

EYOTO™ is enhancing the lives of patients across the globe, as well as improving margins and increasing customer satisfaction for labs and ECPs everywhere.




Our story so far

Started in 2013, Eyoto Group Limited is a spin-out from UK-based Aston University's School of Optometry, an international leader in optometry research and professional training.  The company’s initial technology was based on a combination of the transformative biomedical engineering research of Dr Tom Drew, a senior research fellow and lecturer at Aston University, and the University’s unique AI-based ophthalmic diagnosis support platform. EYOTO Timeline

There from the begining


From left to right: Dr Michal Krawczynski PhD - EYOTO's VP-Research and Development, Dr Mark C.M. Dunne PhD MCOptom - Aston University's Senior Lecturer, Jonathan Dean BSc (Hons) MBCS -  EYOTO's Director and Chief Technology Officer, Professor James Wolffsohn PhD FCOptom - Aston University's Associate Pro-Vice Chancellor, Dr Thomas Drew PhD - EYOTO's first Chief Technology Officer.