The new tele digital optical imaging system

Welcome to Aetheia – the world’s first digital tele slit lamp for tele-optometry. 

Its ground-breaking technology removes the need for optometrist and patient to be physically present in the same location whilst offering the ability to conduct the exam in real time.

Aetheia’s unique tele digital optical image system delivers the same high-quality eye health examination as if the optometrist were with the patient.

Small enough to sit on a standard optical table and instantly identifiable as a slit lamp, the system is fully operable by a practitioner from any remote location with an internet connection with the results viewable in realtime or stored for later review.

Patients want convenient and affordable eyecare at times and locations to suit them. There is a limit to the number of patients and locations an optometrist can cover in person, and there is a shortage of qualified specialists in many areas. Aetheia solves the timing and location challenges, increases capacity, and delivers convenience to patients.

With optometrists conducting eye examinations remotely, there is the opportunity for one optometrist to cover multiple centres, or to balance schedules across centres to match optometrist supply and demand. Scheduling opportunities are further maximised as optometrists do not have to undertake eye examinations in real time.

In the current optical market, Aetheia can bring convenience, efficiencies and help to manage challenges created by a shortage of practitioners. It could also be used for the sharing of images between primary and secondary care practitioners and help to provide ocular health examinations in locations where they would not otherwise be possible. Aetheia increases the focus on the ocular health emphasis of a practitioners clinic.



Aetheia can perform a full and comprehensive eye examination, allowing ranges of movements and views not normally achieved using a traditional slit lamp. 

Images are easily captured as part of the eye examination for later review or referral.

  • Direct illumination (Diffuse and focal)
  • Optic section and corneal sweep
  • Indirect illumination
  • Retro illumination
  • Specular reflection
  • Conical beam of light
  • Sclerotic scatter
  • Van Herick’s technique
  • Lid eversion
  • Fluorescein examination
  • Red-free filter
  • Soft, hard or scleral contact lens fitting
  • assessment
  • 120 degrees of camera and light source
  • separation achieved easily and repeatedly

Introducing Aetheia

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Healthy Eye video exam on Aetheia

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Examples of images demonstrating these techniques can be seen below:

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