Atlas at Eye-Kraft

Eye-Kraft is a state-of-the-art independent wholesale optical lab. They have been manufacturing high quality products for eye care professionals to offer their patients for more than 65 years. Using market leading technology, Eye-Kraft delivers premium lenses, frames, and treatments.

Review by Jason Sharpe, President and CEO, Eye-Kraft Optical, Inc.


Eyoto Atlas Global


What attracted you to the Atlas?

“Mapping and automated inspection capability is ubiquitous in the wholesale lab industry in the US in large-scale automated manufacturing. These systems, however, are cost prohibitive in many smaller scale, independent wholesale lab operations. The ATLAS system was introduced to Eye-Kraft to bring these capabilities into the lab at a scale and cost more appropriate to our size. 

How has it benefitted the process?

I am incredibly impressed at the ambitious nature of the project, and the machine has given us capabilities that labs our size typically don’t have available to them. Local on-call power maps, retrievable documented inspection results, and more efficient, less skilled labor requirements are all positive impacts on our operation. This technology also creates a certain amount of legitimacy with our customers and potential customers as well.

Client Testimonial

As early adopters with our lab size and model, we expected to work through project development issues and bugs. These opportunities for improvement have occurred, but the response from EYOTO from business management to technical support has been quick and effective. The few items we’re currently working with EYOTO to improve our systems will have a positive impact for current and future customers, and EYOTO approaches support and service with a hyper-customer focused mind-set. 

I’m pleased with the system’s current capability, excited for the potential for improvements, and quick to recommend the system to fellow independent labs. I think with further development and the continued focus on support and customer satisfaction, the potential growth in this market should be very encouraging.

Jason Sharpe, President and CEO, Eye-Kraft Optical, Inc.