Atlas at Noptiker

Noptiker are the only Hungarian-owned spectacle lens manufacturer in Hungary.

Review by Nagy László, General Manager at Noptika Ltd


Eyoto Atlas Global


Client Testimonial

“At the Noptiker optical lab we are using the Eyoto Atlas for 2 years. The device is connected to our lab management system therefore it plays an important role in our quality control. In our experience the measurements are accurate and reliable. 

This special device allows us to hire new colleagues with no expertise in the optical industry to do the quality control. In case of quality problems the visual display of the lens help us to recognize the possible problems in production and quickly eliminate them. 

As a manager I take advantage of the online platform that shows the quantity of measurements and the defect rate. Sometimes we even send the measurement results to our clients to see the heatmap of the lenses we produce. 

Overall we are satisfied with the product and as the best proof we just ordered a new device for our edging lab also. 

Nagy László, General Manager at Noptika Ltd