Atlas Duo at Optica Lopez

Óptica López are a Panamanian family business, founded in 1946. They operate with first class technology, innovating in the optical market and delivering high quality products.

Review by Miguel Arango Lopez, Production Manager at Optica Lopez


Eyoto Atlas Duo


First impressions of the Atlas Duo?

“Decreases quality control time by maintaining quality standards such as ANSI / ISO without requiring and depending on deep technical knowledge on the part of the operator. I do recommend that the operator has at least intermediate optical technical knowledge and good manual dexterity to properly position the mount or lens”


How has it benefitted the process?

“We have been using the equipment for about 4 months now and it has added value to our finished product. It has worked as a quality control tool, as well as to diagnose problems. Unlike a digital lensmeter, it allows you to understand the entire surface of the lens.”

How have you found the Cloud element?

“The cloud is very useful, it gives you the possibility to search for specific jobs in the same interface and analyze them in detail, and you can also download all the data and history and make deeper analyzes on types of lenses, raw materials, recipes, frames, and more.”

Client Testimonial

“I have been following in Eyoto’s footsteps since the last 5 or 6 years. From the first time I saw the Atlas, I knew that this device was going to revolutionize the concept of lens mapping and make it available to everyone in the most practical way. At the end of 2021, together with the opening of a new lab, we made the decision to place the first order for an Atlas Duo.

I want to take the opportunity to congratulate the team of people that make up Eyoto. I have had the opportunity to personally meet many members of sales, post-sales, R&D, logistics and General Management. Talking with each of them individually, they are all focused on providing first-class customer service and always with a very good attitude.

We are very satisfied with Eyoto as a company and with Atlas Duo as a device. Early next month we will be receiving our second Atlas Duo.”

Miguel Arango Lopez, Production Manager at Optica Lopez