It’s National Eye Health Week.

A bi-annual routine sight test should be on everyone’s health agenda, regardless of age or health issues. A routine sight test can detect early signs of conditions such as cataracts, or glaucoma, which can be treated if found early. The eye is the only part of the body where blood vessels can be seen without […]

Aetheia joins the new Mile High Club! Remoting at 32,000ft

Aetheia joins the new Mile High Club! To demonstrate how portable our Aetheia system is, we were able to remote into a machine at our Birmingham, UK location whilst flying at 36,000 feet above continental USA (over Wyoming to be precise). This was done using the Boeing 737 aircraft WIFI and allowed full control of […]

Eyoto is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Atlas 2.0

SNAPSHOT OVERVIEW Eyoto is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Atlas 2.0. This release revolutionises our software and user interface whilst introducing a wealth of updates and enhancements. With a focus on elevating user experience, Atlas 2.0 boasts an impressive array of key features: Unleashing Unmatched Precision: Harnessing cutting-edge patent-pending algorithms and methodologies, Atlas 2.0 […]

Explore Aetheia’s Unique Features vs a Traditional Slit Lamp

Features unique to Theia When compared to a traditional slit lamp the Theia offers many unique features and benefits, explored in detail below: 1  Camera rotation Ability to pan the camera through 120 degrees of rotation, creating oblique views of the eye, impossible to achieve with a traditional slit lamp due to the ergonomic limitations of […]

Eyoto CEO voted onto The Vision Council as LPT Division Vice Chair

We are delighted to announce that Eyoto CEO Paul Clapton has been voted onto the Vision Council as the LPT Division Vice Chair. The following letter of confirmation outlines the details:   Dear Lens Processing & Technology Division Members, I hope you are doing well. I wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that […]

Eyoto features in MedTech Outlook Magazine

Eyoto is pleased to feature in November’s edition of MedTech Outlook. This special edition features Medical Technology start-up businesses. The interview with Paul Clapton, our CEO, explains the changing landscape of optometry and why our innovative Theia device could be the answer that many eyecare providers are looking for. Balancing resources over large geographical areas, […]

Proudly supporting the Commonwealth Games in Birmingham

Dame Katherine Grainger

As a Birmingham-based business, we are very proud to support the Commonwealth Games through our VP of Software, Simon Collingridge.  Simon has been a volunteer tier 2 driver for the games. His 8-hour shifts involved driving one of the 100% electric cars from the fleet to transport various dignitaries and team managers from one venue […]

Tele-optometry is gaining momentum in the UK optical market

Yesterday was an exciting day at Eyoto as we installed another Theia device, which has just gained CA accreditation, in a UK Optical practice.  The optical team at the practice is now ready to start the transition from traditional slit lamp examination to digital.  Theia’s ground-breaking technology removes the need for optometrist and patient to […]

UK Based EYOTO to open US HQ location in Dallas

Eyoto Group, based in Birmingham, U.K., will be opening its US corporate headquarters location in Dallas in October 2022.  Having just signed a lease on new premises, Eyoto CEO Paul Clapton said, “After a site search that included the DFW and Atlanta areas, Eyoto selected the DFW area because of the strong presence of optical […]