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A new vision for QA.




Your manufacturing business lives or dies by the quality of your product. For the first time, you can evidence high-quality standards in your lens production, with eMap™ for QA - The brand new, fully scalable, cloud-connected Quality Assurance platform from EYOTO™. 

The starting point is the ability to bring lenses to life at the click of a button, with an incredibly advanced surface inspection and full-color power maps in just 55 seconds.  Every eMap device will repeatedly and objectively check every semi-finished, uncut or mounted lens to the full standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation. Not only can you ensure that you deliver products of quality, lens after lens, but this can drastically cut the amount of breakage as well as countless hours of wasted labor.

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The Future is Evidence Based.




Move away from selling to your customers and instead engage them in the dispensing process with a new vision from EYOTOTM.

The eMapTM for Retail is a platform for providing real lens data to make it easier for eye care professionals to discuss complex lens designs and to engage with their customers to make the best choice for their visual and lifestyle needs.

Empowering the customer with the knowledge and understanding to make the best choice for themselves increases customer satisfaction, grows recommendations and reduces non-adaptation and remakes.


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