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A new vision for Quality Assurance.

Your manufacturing business lives or dies by the quality of your product. For the first time, you can evidence high-quality standards in your lens production, with eMap™ for QA - The brand new, fully scalable, cloud-connected Quality Assurance platform from EYOTO™. 
The starting point is the ability to bring lenses to life at the click of a button, with an incredibly advanced surface inspection and full-color power maps in just 55 seconds.  Every eMap device will repeatedly and objectively check every semi-finished, uncut or mounted lens to the full standards of the International Organisation for Standardisation. Not only can you ensure that you deliver products of quality, lens after lens, but this can drastically cut the amount of breakage as well as countless hours of wasted labor.


The eMap for QA system is suited to manufacturing businesses of any size. The scalable, industry 4.0 connected system provides clear visibility of production quality at as many points as you require. From a single machine for final checking in an independent finishing lab to multiple devices in multiple locations, the connected design allows for visibility anywhere in the process from anywhere in the world.

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System Overview

Introsducing Atlas Global – which incorporates highly accurate power mapping and lens surface inspection, and can spot a lens defect through any stage of inspection, long before the end of the production process. 

Key Features:

  • For Pucks and Blanks (semi-finished and finished lenses)
  • Measurement of power at all stages of production (Pass/Fail configurable)
  • HD imaging of edges, surfaces and coatings
  • Rapid power checking, capable of measuring thousands of points within seconds
  • Flexible system to pinpoint the location of defective processes





Traditional Quality Control can be at the mercy of different lab personnel with different degrees of training and experience. The Atlas Duo provides full power measurement and heatmap overlay capability to ensure consistent, empirical, and repeatable lens accuracy. The surface inspection capability can detect any defects in surface or coatings.

Key Features:

  • For finished spectacles, simultaneous dual lens inspection
  • Significant throughput improvement for final inspection
  • 100% confidence and traceability on every pair shipped
  • Lens fit and insertion check





Cloud Portal

The cloud-based system allows for portability of information. The captured data, alongside trends and statistics, can be seen on any internet connected device. Not only can lab managers benefit from the visibility of patterns in production, but you can also provide assurances to your customers. The portal gives you the ability to send evidence that every job was checked to the full standards with electronic Quality Assurance Confirmations.

Key Features:

  • Full data on every lens
  • QA history and performance measures
  • Real time data giving insight into your manufacturing productivity
  • Traceability and Accountability
  • Share data with customers to build confidence and trust


Cloud Portal