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The Future is Evidence Based.

Move away from selling to your customers and instead engage them in the dispensing process with a new vision from EYOTOTM.

The eMapTM for Retail is a platform for providing real lens data to make it easier for eye care professionals to discuss complex lens designs and to engage with their customers to make the best choice for their visual and lifestyle needs.

Empowering the customer with the knowledge and understanding to make the best choice for themselves increases customer satisfaction, grows recommendations and reduces non-adaptation and remakes.

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System Overview

Great products and keen pricing are only part of the story when it comes to attracting and keeping customers in today’s highly competitive market. The key to growing your business lies in your ability to offer the best advice and find the most appropriate solutions for your customer’s needs.

Use the eMap™ technology to help the customer understand the benefits of your recommendation, show the customer what they are buying and why. By integrating the EYOTO™ eMap™ into your business you can take professional consultative selling to the next level, driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and higher margins.


Key Features:

  • Scan lens surface condition
  • A “one button” way of checking customers’ existing eyewear for:
    Lens design - Corridor length - Reading zone fit - Frame suitability – Lens surface damage - manufacturing defects - conformance to the ordered lens design
  • Intuitive, simple to use, requiring little staff training
  • Provide your professional staff with more information than ever before
  • No disruption in exam time





eMap Tablet App

The eMapTM for retail tablet app provides further opportunity to engage and involve your customer in the decision-making process. Reinforce the conversations around lifestyle and current spectacles but then go so much further.

Help your customer really see the differences and use your professional knowledge and expertise to guide them to the lens or lenses that will match their lifestyle and visual needs.

Create customer loyalty through a bespoke service, providing reassurances of quality and suitability according to their lifestyle needs.

Key Features:

  • Show customers current lens design and surface condition
  • Visually contrast current spectacles with your recommended lens choice
  • Show different fields of vision in distance, show different corridor lengths and widths and relate to customer needs
  • Use the frame match feature to show lenses in the chosen frames
  • Confirm fit and centration of new glasses.


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Cloud Portal

The cloud-based system allows for portability of information. The captured data can be seen on any internet connected device in the practice. This untethered platform allows for the flow of information and evidence from professional to professional and from room to room, creating continuity of message and images from start to finish.

From pre-screening, through the eye examination, to dispensing and beyond, show your customers a consistently accurate and honest message.




Cloud Portal