Eyoto is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Atlas 2.0


Eyoto is thrilled to unveil the highly anticipated Atlas 2.0.

This release revolutionises our software and user interface whilst introducing a wealth of updates and enhancements. With a focus on elevating user experience, Atlas 2.0 boasts an impressive array of key features:

  • Unleashing Unmatched Precision: Harnessing cutting-edge patent-pending algorithms and methodologies, Atlas 2.0 achieves improved reliability and accuracy.
  • Lightning-Fast Measurements: Experience newfound efficiency with even faster measurement times, empowering you to accomplish more in less time, without compromising quality.
  • Intuitive and Efficient Interface: Atlas 2.0 introduces a user interface that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also designed for ease of use. With improved readability, enhanced control options, and streamlined functionality, interacting with the software becomes effortless and efficient.

To ensure a seamless transition, an expert Eyoto engineer will be personally dispatched to your site. They will not only install Atlas 2.0 but also perform any necessary hardware adjustments, servicing plus additional and refreshed training.



Upgraded User Interface

The user interface has been updated to have a cleaner look and better user feedback for any issues being reported.

In addition to the improved feedback and display, some additional features have been added, which include;

  • Lens preview during measurements During the measurement process, after the initial checks have completed for the measurement, an image preview of both lenses is displayed. This allows the operator to see what the cameras are seeing, and if there is an obstruction, they can cancel the measurement, check the job and retry.
  • Measurement Time, Software Version and Device ID display On the results page, you can see how long the measurement took, in seconds.
  • Software Version and Device ID display all pages, the Software Versions and Device ID are shown for easy identification.
  • Manual Override Pass Added is the option to manually override a failed measurement with a pass, so the whole job will be recorded as a pass. The new result will be recorded as a pass but will be identified as a manual override Pass. This function can also be disabled on request.

Measurement Performance Upgrade

Enhanced measurement techniques for faster yet more accurate measurements.
The average measurement time is now between 30 and 40 seconds, with improved accuracy.

Scratch detection regions

Enhanced scratch detection to include lens zones that more closely align to tolerance standards, to give more control over how a lens is measured and ultimately passes or fails based on scratches.

Measurement accuracy

New proprietary algorithms have been developed to improve the reliability of the device to measure lensometer standard tolerances:

Mapping Images

Images representing the power map of the lens will no longer be shown on the User Interface. Instead, in a move to more closely align with lens tolerance standards, overlays of the measurement locations i.e., DRP, PRP and NRP, are shown on the lens.


Atlas Customers – In the coming days a technician will be in contact to schedule a site visit to conduct your upgrades and training.