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The opportunities are endless.  Are you looking to bring a new angle to your healthcare practice or a whole new offering to your existing retail operation? We have a range of products that can take you to new places and provide a wealth of opportunities.

Whether you are graduating from Optometry School or thinking about ways to extend your existing healthcare practice, our eBox™ solution is a unique way to delivery eyecare services to a high standard in a space efficient and portable way.

We believe that a customer should not have to compromise on their care if they cannot get to an Optometry practice, so our eBox™ equipment provides sight test equipment with accuracy levels comparable to any instore experience. 

The intelligent software driven interface means that training is simplified and guidance through the process helps ensure rarely seen conditions are not overlooked.

EYOTO™ can take eyecare out of an institutional setting, directly to the patient.

EYOTO™ is revolutionizing the eyecare industry through increased portability, wider accessibility, lower costs and greater user experiences

We're bringing a fresh way of thinking to the optometric industry with new possibilities for analysis and diagnosis across the world. Next generation instruments that include power mapping lens analyzers, lens surface inspection tools, binocular autorefractors, and a cloud connected mobile diagnostic platform that integrates portable hardware, AI driven software systems, and large-scale data analytics.

EYOTO™ - The future of eyecare technology.