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The connection between high quality product and high levels of customer satisfaction is clear.  In today's increasingly competitive market, quality products win every time, and being able to clearly demonstrate that quality to your customer drives trust and value.

Checking for surface quality and power match against the prescription, the eMap™ systems provide pass/fail results to confirm semi-finished or finished blanks meet your facility QC standards before finishing or final edging. Final inspection confirms correct glazing as well as surface inspection compliance without subjectivity.

Provide evidence of the quality checks to your end customers in order to demonstrate the high quality of each and every product that leaves your facility. 

eMap™ gives your business full trace-ability allowing you to find the source of errors and rejects and address the root-cause quickly, reducing costs from wastage, rejects and returns.

The cloud-connected portal allows for comprehensive data retrieval and learning comparisons via your dashboard. Drive your business to maximise efficiency of production and the quality of your end product.

EYOTO™ is revolutionizing the eyecare industry through increased portability, wider accessibility, lower costs and greater user experiences

We're bringing a fresh way of thinking to the optometric industry with new possibilities for analysis and diagnosis across the world. Next generation instruments that include power mapping lens analyzers, lens surface inspection tools, binocular autorefractors, and a cloud connected mobile diagnostic platform that integrates portable hardware, AI driven software systems, and large-scale data analytics.

EYOTO™ - The future of eyecare technology.