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If you are looking for ways to increase the reach of your practice or improve its efficiency, our solutions are designed to help you improve customer satisfaction whilst also improving margin.

Expand and extend the reach of your business by implementing a combination of our products that suits your business.  EYOTO™ created the eMapR2 to support you in delivering the best customer service possible. The multifunction lens analyzer provides dual lens power mapping and surface inspection to ensure 100% Quality Control compliance. Create a culture of Right Every Time.  The portable cloud connected tablet app puts the power of consultative selling in your hands and makes the invisible visible for your customers when explaining the benefits of different progressive, occupational or other “blended” lens designs.  Personalise every dispensing by showing your customer their options based on prescription, lens design and frame choice to bring to life your recommendations with full colour images that make patient understanding easy.


eBox™ - truly mobile optometry

Our eBox™ solution gives you the options to remap the journey through your retail practice or take it outside your bricks and mortar store.  Our instrument set gives the same quality and accuracy of testing and measurement as traditional instruments but is truly portable giving you mobile optometry.  Within this set we have a variety of packages that give you the flexibility to benefit from the elements that will be most impactful to your business.  When you combine our autorefraction technology with our eMap™ technology you have a unique solution to frame and lens specification, delivered with a personal touch.

EYOTO™ is revolutionizing the eyecare industry through increased portability, wider accessibility, lower costs and greater user experiences

We're bringing a fresh way of thinking to the optometric industry with new possibilities for analysis and diagnosis across the world. Next generation instruments that include power mapping lens analyzers, lens surface inspection tools, binocular autorefractors, and a cloud connected mobile diagnostic platform that integrates portable hardware, AI driven software systems, and large-scale data analytics.

EYOTO™ - The future of eyecare technology.