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eMap™ C1 - Product Demo

Traditional quality control in the average lab can often be hindered by many factors such as time constraints, undetected manufacturing defects, subjectivity in the checking process and outdated manual methods.

The eMap™ C1 can redefine quality assurance in your lab, analyse your lenses and give you a comprehensive pass or fail according to ISO standards. It can also:

  • detect surface imperfections or engraving
  • record the measurements for EVERY lens
  • show the lens design

Using the eMap™ C1, you can maximise efficiency and accuracy in your manufacturing process. It will also give you the ability to identify issues early in the process, enabling you to evidence quality and ISO compliance. All you do is to insert the lens, and the eMap™ will do all the hard work at the press of a button.

Check it out and contact us to discuss how our technology can give you a distinctive advantage over your competitors.


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