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Article : The Optical Evolution

The Optical Evolution

By Kurt Gardner - VP/GM of North America


I recently went through a frightening moment where I realized I have been making eyeglasses for more than 20 years. It quickly got me thinking about all the changes the optical industry has seen since the first day I walked into my entry-level role, for an optical chain all those years ago.

Historically, I feel that there has been a notion that we as Eye Care Professionals have been slower to adopt new technologies, compared to our medical professional counterparts in other specialties. With this in mind, I find it exciting to see us beginning to embrace new innovations that assist in providing better patient care, streamlining workload, speeding up delivery, cutting costs, and allowing for expanded service quality to our clients.



Every facet of this industry, from lens technologies to interactive exam lanes, has evolved with a focus on improving patient care and profitability. I have to say for the most part, ECP’s have kept up with the evolution and have adapted to changes such as compensated progressives, VSP codes, online ordering systems and a plethora of new practice management options.

Technology has made the optician a much more powerful tool to service eye care needs. Innovations that are either here or on the horizon have increased our ability to see what is in an individual optic. This information can also easily be shared with customers, patients and experts anywhere in the world, in a matter of seconds.

 After recently joining EYOTO™, which fundamentally exists to drive better patient care into the future, I see a path forward. It excites me to know the ways in which we will impact this industry and the ways in which we will be able to promote higher levels of eye care to more people around the globe.

What I would pose to all of you reading this is what do you think the next 20 years will bring us?

By Kurt Gardner - VP/GM of North America

About EYOTO™

EYOTO™ is an optical innovation company, originating as a spinout from Aston University’s School of Optometry - one of the leading and best-known Optometry programs in the world. The company seeks to tackle problems facing the optical industry through advanced technology, with a specialty in image processing, computer vision, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and ophthalmic user interface design.