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The Power of Data x Connectivity : 5 Reasons

EYOTO™ exists to transform the Optical Industry through the power of innovation and technology.

We achieve this, not only through creation and engineering but by partnering with optical businesses that are dedicated to delivering the best care to patients. We believe that a key element of driving this industry forward lies in the ability to access and share information  . . . Data x Connectivity.



Let us give you 5 reasons that data and cloud-connectivity are game-changers for Optical Businesses.


Ultimate Insight
Capture it.

Full Colour Power Mapping and Surface Inspection bring lenses to life and give you ultimate insight, but it’s just the beginning. They create an incredible amount of information based on real evidence. Whether you want to delve into one particular lens, or every lens that has ever been supplied by your business – it all begins with a simple capture.

It's Instant
Access it. Analyze it.

Maybe you have one small lab or practice, maybe you have 100 across the globe - it doesn't matter. You can access your data instantaneously from across the world or across the building, with any internet-connected device. You can view anything from individual images of any lens captured by your system, right through to overall metrics relating to the quality of your whole output over any chosen time frame.

Show Me vs Tell Me
Share It

Not only can you capture and access your lens data for internal purposes, but you can also share with your customer to build trust using real evidence. The power of a cloud-connected platform is that you can prove the quality of your products in line with international standards. Also, each business interaction can be guaranteed with evidenced-based insight into the lens or spectacles supplied. 


Build Your Business
The Elephant in The Room.

 The reality is - your business lives or dies by the quality and suitability of your product because it directly affects your margin. Access to your lens data unleashes a world of possibility for your optical business – cut costs, cut wastage through returns and remakes, provide your staff with more information than ever before, increase customer satisfaction, display and explain the benefits of your product. You can cut costs and increase profits at the same time.


Get in touch with us today to find out more about our Cloud-Connected eMap Platforms, and what we can do for your business.