Privacy Policy
Aston EyeTech Limited respects the privacy of any individuals who we are in direct contact with whether a potential customer, current customer or past customer.  This policy is intended to protect an individual.  It explains what information is collected, what we will do with the data collected, period of how long we shall keep the data and how users can contact Aston EyeTech Limited to update or request their data be removed from our databases.
EYOTO website doesn’t collect any data if you are browsing the website.  However, if you fill out the form on the website to contact us that data will be collected and added to our database to receive marketing and sales information.
Any information collected at exhibitions, trade shows will be collected by requesting a user to opt in.  This opt in functionality gives the individual the right to chose what information they would like to receive from Aston EyeTech Limited and how they would like to receive it.  Whether email, post, fax, text etc.  Any data collected will be held for a maximum of 5 years unless the individual becomes a contractual customer and this data will be held for the term of the contract agreement.
Any business cards given to Aston EyeTech Limited employees will be added to our database and an email will be sent requesting your confirmation to opt in to receive marketing and sales information.  If you do not opt in, then your details will be removed from our database and you will receive no further communication from Aston EyeTech Limited.
Aston EyeTech Limited will only share marketing data to an approved marketing email service who will send out any of our marketing data by email.  Aston EyeTech Limited will not share any data they hold within the company databases to any other companies or individuals.
All marketing emails will have an option to unsubscribe therefore if an individual after a period of time doesn’t want to be contacted by Aston EyeTech Limited anymore they can unsubscribe.
Any individual can be removed from our database, this can be done by using the unsubscribe option in a marketing email or contacting us through the website.  Once we receive your request to remove your details from the system this will be actioned, and you will be removed within 48hours.  We may need to contact you to confirm your details before removal.
Any Individual has the right to request access to data Aston EyeTech Limited hold on that person.  Individuals need to request a subject Access Request through the website.  This request will then be sent to Aston EyeTech Limited Data Protection Officer who will deal with the request.  Aston EyeTech Limited have a maximum of 40 calendar days to respond to the request for data.
If an individual finds any data held by Aston EyeTech Limited is incorrect they can contact us directly through our website and inform us of any changes or contact a representative of the company and inform them of the data changes.