eMap C1/C2

eMap c1

– For Pucks and Blanks (semi-finished and finished lenses)

– Measurement of power at all stages of production (Pass/Fail configurable)

– HD imaging of edges, surfaces and coatings, best in class surface inspection capability

– Rapid power checking, capable of measuring thousands of points within seconds (exceeds industrial standards)

– Flexible system to pin point the location of defective processes

–All data collected and accessed via our Cloud Portal

eMap c2

– For finished spectacles, simultaneous dual lens inspection

– Significant throughput improvement for final inspection

– 100% confidence and traceability on every pair shipped

– Lens fit and insertion check

"For years the Eye Care Professionals got all the neat toys to make their life easier…now it’s the labs turn!"

Dr Thomas Drew EYOTO Co-Inventor

How can we make your life easier?

– Drastically decrease lens breakage and remakes

– Streamline Quality Control so it is more objective and reproducible

– Provide full traceability and advanced fault-finding capability

– Store and interrogate QC data through the cloud portal system

– Accurately spot surface and edge defects before the affected product ever gets to the end customer

– Reduce staff training and still get consistent, documentable results

– Upgrade the technology as your business grows.

Be the Leader in Customer Satisfaction

A guaranteed high-quality product leads to highly satisfied and repeat customers, both the optical retailer and the end customer.

eMap™ pin points defects and reduces breakage rates, having an overall positive impact on cost and lead times in your lens production and processing… and ultimately your bottom line.

Improve Quality Control, Reduce Headaches

Traditional Quality Control can be at the mercy of different lab personnel with different degrees of training and experience.

eMap™ provides full power measurement and heatmap overlay capability to ensure consistent, empirical, and repeatable lens accuracy.

Refractive index checking confirms the correct start point. The surface inspection capability can confirm coating types and detect any defects in surface or coatings. Finally, the lens edge defect display accurately highlights defective lens edging.

3D Mapping
Less Wastage
Bespoke Design
Detailed Optics

“I have been in this industry for 40 years, and these guys are special. Nobody else can do what they do, and the products and approach they are taking is like nothing this industry has ever seen”.

E Dean Butler Founder of LensCrafters