eMap R2

Unlock the power of consultative selling in your business

Great products and keen pricing are only part of the story when it comes to attracting and keeping customers in today’s highly competitive market. The key to growing your business lies in your ability to offer the best advice and find the most appropriate solutions for your customer’s needs.

By integrating the EYOTO™ eMap™ R2 into your business you can take professional consultative selling to the next level, driving customer satisfaction, loyalty, and higher margins.

– An integrated consultative selling tool
– Intuitive, simple to use, requiring little staff training
– A “one button” way of checking customers’ existing eyewear for:

Lens design – Corridor width and height – Reading zone fit – Frame suitability – Lens surface damage – manufacturing defects – conformance to the ordered lens design

–  Use the eMap technology to help the customer understand the benefits of your recommendation, show the customer what they are buying and why
–  Stores lens data with cloud portal access

" eMap™ R2 represents a game changer when it comes to retail sales"

Dr. Eric Buensuceso Optometrist

Consultative selling - increased revenue made easy

eMap™ incorporates highly accurate power mapping and lens surface inspection as well as index and coating checks. The eMap gives you the ability to show your customers frame and lens combinations that are appropriate to their needs and will revolutionise your customer’s experience.

Show customers the condition of their current eyewear and explain how even small defects can affect their visual performance and comfort.

Use the digital overlay tool to personalise a customers’ frame and lens choice by overlaying customer fit data, including PD and SEG height and provide reassurance that your customers’ new eyewear matches the lens and fit specification ordered, through refractive index and coating measurement.

The option of accessing the records of their fully mapped lenses via the cloud portal is a saleable benefit and will increase the likelihood of additional purchases, such as prescription sunglasses.

Increase profitability through reduced cost of sales

On the retail floor customer’s lens and frame combination can be digitally checked for fit and performance before anything is ordered, creating a right first-time culture.

The eMap’s highly accurate power mapping and lens surface inspection allows for uncut lenses or completed eyewear from the lab to be checked before the customer is called in for final fitting.  This will reduce the cost of sales by eliminating the instances of customers rejecting the eyewear, reducing potential complaints and loss of revenue through faulty product and allowing you to pass costs back to the manufacturer.

eMap™ R2 gives you the tools to take control of the profitability of your business.

Set the Standard in Customer Satisfaction

eMap™ technology allows you to take a different approach, focusing on demonstrating lens designs and coatings as a continuation of the diagnostic process. eMap creates a truly personalised service, resulting in greater customer satisfaction and recommendations.

By aiding your customers’ understanding, they will feel comfortable and included in the process of lens and frame selection. As your customers understand the features and benefits of their lenses, it makes multiple pair sales a common event in your store.

3D Mapping
Less Wastage
Bespoke Design
Detailed Optics

“eMap is the most important advance in both selling and quality control tools in the 35 years I have been in optics. Never before have we been able to show consumers exactly what they are getting and why it is right for them. This is especially true for progressive lenses and free form technology”

E Dean Butler Founder of LensCrafters
Take your customer on a journey to understanding their choices and turn the process into a better, more comfortable experience for all.