Tele-optometry is gaining momentum in the UK optical market

Yesterday was an exciting day at Eyoto as we installed another Theia device, which has just gained CA accreditation, in a UK Optical practice.  The optical team at the practice is now ready to start the transition from traditional slit lamp examination to digital. 

Theia’s ground-breaking technology removes the need for optometrist and patient to be physically present in the same location whilst offering the ability to conduct the exam in real time. With all the same functionality as a traditional slit lamp, an examination with Theia is a very similar experience, but with enhanced technology and imaging. 

With optometrists conducting eye examinations remotely, there is the opportunity for one optometrist to cover multiple centres, or to balance schedules across centres to match optometrist and patient supply and demand. Scheduling opportunities are further maximised as optometrists do not have to undertake eye examinations in real time.

In the current optical market, Theia can bring convenience, efficiencies and help to manage challenges created by a shortage of practitioners. It could also be used for the sharing of images between primary and secondary care practitioners and help to provide ocular health examinations in locations where they would not otherwise be possible. Theia increases the focus on the ocular health emphasis of a practitioners clinic.