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The growth in demand for tele-medicine and remote health technology is exponential. Tele-optometry is an emerging, but often overlooked, segment of the tele-medicine market.

EYOTO™ has the technological pipeline, expertise, and unparalleled background IP to complement the increasing demand for both mobile and remote tele-optometry. Starting as a developer of cutting-edge white label technologies for other eye care companies, we then moved on to the development and launch of our ground-breaking eMap technology, the world’s first edge to edge, fully digitised, remotely accessible lens analysis system. In recent years, we turned the focus of our highly qualified R&D and Product Development teams toward solving the problems in tele-optometry and making it a day-to-day reality. EYOTO™ is uniquely positioned to succeed in this market due to the close links between our team and one of the leading Optometry Schools at Aston University, UK.

Patients continue to seek ever more convenient and affordable eyecare. A key component of this convenience is getting care at the times and locations they want.

There is a limit to how many patients an individual Eye Care Practitioner (ECP) can see and a limit to the geographies that they can physically cover in person. Remote examinations solve the geographic boundaries, increase the capacity of ECPs, and deliver that much sought-after convenience to patients.

Eye Care Professional operating a tele-optometry system. Eye Care Professional conducting a remote eye examination.


An ECP must be capable of providing the same quality eye health exam from a remote location as they do while in the exam room with the patient. There should be no loss or compromise of quality of care or scope of exam for all treatments commonly performed today.

A significant proportion of the growing optical market can no longer be supplied by traditional care methods due to cost, and in many geographical areas, lack of qualified specialists. Estimates put it that approximately 2.5bn people do not have access to eyecare – 1/3 of the planet’s population.

Well implemented tele-optometry can bring convenience to eyecare in the current optical market and bring eyecare itself to an expanded market.

The first product in our tele-optometry platform, launching Spring 2022, will allow an ECP to conduct an eye examination from a remote location – a different room, city, or continent. It eliminates the need for an ECP to be physically present with the patient. This will be followed by a complementary pipeline of remote and mobile technology products.

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